Muttville is a nonprofit organization that specializes in saving senior dogs. It has been recognized for its groundbreaking approach to animal rescue.


This campaign is helping communicate a specific English Bulldog who is trying to connect with the audiences. The dynamic tornado symbolizes the dog's internal voice. Conveying the target audience who are active, outgoing, and animal-friendly that feels the dog has a lot of energy and wanted to be with the dog. This campaign has a total of 3 versions, poster, postcard, and digital. 



The creating process is paired with the artist Sister Corita Kent's influence on Chiao. 90% of this project is composed of hand and transform into digital. The challenge of this project is to find the intersection between Sister Corita Kent and the dog. By highlighting the dog's energy and physical characteristics bulky, silly, and rowdy gives the poster colorful and dynamic composition. It reflects Sister Corita Kent's spirit and creating process as energetic, being present, and crafty.