Sunset Surf Fizz


book design

print production


Sunset Surf Fizz is a book about the San Francisco Ocean Beach and the Outer Sunset community. An interesting community that 9 times out of 10 it is covered by fog. It almost becomes its signature and somewhat creates its own beauty. People who live in the area not only have used to the weather, they create their unique community which includes some delicate brunch, restaurants, bars, art and craft studios, cafe,s and of course surfing shops.


This book is fully inspired by the foggy environment and the local shops. The vellum pages symbolize the fog's characteristics that are unpredictable and cover the neighborhood. It is fully produced by Chiao from design, printing, and binding. 


The body text I choose Macho which is designed by Michał Jarociński From Dada Studio. Macho has a good readability and a decent amount of characteristics. Some specific letters such as "w, y, g, v" shows stoke's roundness and continue flow. It reflects the concept of waves and the people's chill living style. 




This is an extension project of the book "Sunset Surf Fizz". Using Adobe After Effect to create a simple video to teach someone who hasn't surf some real basic knowledge.