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Taiwan Nation




Taiwan is not recognized as a legal country in many places thought Taiwan has fulfilled a country's basic elements: government, citizens, territory, and sovereignty. Taiwan Nation is a nonprofit organization that supports Taiwanese Independence! Taiwan Nation creates many different pop-ups events and collaborates with local artists to showcase the Taiwanese culture and identity so it won't disappear. The mission of the Taiwan Nation is to educate Taiwanese people about our own identity and encourage them to engage in independent activities.


Values: independence | freedom | confidence | education

Attribute: empower | critical | urban | energetic.


The name Taiwan Nation is to ridicule the national status of Taiwan that it's not a country but satisfied all the country components. The dry brush texture style is inspired by traditional Taiwanese calligraphy. According to attribute, brush texture gives the audience more critical at the same time an urban kind of feeling. It also has better flexibility for the whole brand.






This project is special to me in a way that comes out of my root as a Taiwanese. At the same time, it gives me a chance to use design as a medium to deliver the message to others in an exhibition format. It is interesting to look back to where you are coming from and what’s your own cultural identity from another perspective, perhaps the western perspective,  and learn its unique in both good and bad.


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